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“The future of Philippine cinema couldn’t be headier or more dazzling given the bold, risk-taking and idiosyncratic styles on display from the current crop of SDFFF films. I’m struck by the spectrum of aesthetic sensibilities and stylistic innovations encompassed in these works. This spirit of eclecticism and adventure is vital if we want to take Philippine cinema to unexpected places and dizzying heights, and I’m pleased that SDFFF is discovering and bringing us these new auteurs.”

“I was profoundly inspired by this year’s diverse array of brilliant films and unique voices. It’s amazing seeing the storytelling risks taken and the wide range of narratives within the Filipino Diaspora.  Brava to the San Diego Filipino Film Festival for uniting Filipino Filmmakers and their creations, celebrating our stories, talents, and fostering a global platform for Filipinos to shine. Together, we strengthen our community of support and elevate our stories in the world.”

“Filipino-specific film festivals like the San Diego Filipino Film Festival (SDFFF) are indispensable in the larger cinematic landscape. Showcasing Filipino stories and perspectives locally and throughout the diaspora through festivals like SDFFF is not just about celebrating our heritage or meeting representation goals, but also an invitation to the world to experience the complexities and diverse perspectives of our many ‘Filipino cultures’ – we are not a monolith. In addition, SDFFF provides a vital space for Filipino filmmakers to showcase their craft, amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard on a global scale.

Congratulations to all the Filipino filmmakers nominated! This year’s nominated short films break stereotypes and foster a deeper exploration of how we understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.”