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Directed by Raymund Encanto Salao

When a group of criminal thugs come to threaten his family, a young man named Nonoy finds an amulet amidst his family belongings and unlocks the secrets of a power entrusted unto him by his grandfather. He awakens the consciousness of Crisostomo Ytum, a Hangaway sang Puti nga Kabal (Warrior of the White Energy), who has fought evil for a long time, and is now destined to fight new threats looming from the darkness of evil.



Raymund Salao has been a writer, visual artist, musician, and poet, but his main passion is filmmaking. Growing up in the Betamax and VHS age, his life has always had cinema around him. While other kids spent more time on sports and outdoor activities, Raymund spent more time on video rental shops, and in front of the TV. which did not stop on just movies, but also on “Making of” documentaries which were made back in the day. And just like any other geeky kid, he was fixated the most on the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and action adventure genres of cinema. Up until adulthood, he has reverence for the icons of genre cinema, the likes of Paul Verhoeven, Tom Savini, George Lucas, Sam Raimi, and the many other heroes of genre cinema because these were inspirations of the love of genre cinema and the hopes of getting the chance to become one of his heroes as well.

Plays in

Shorts Program IV: Connect the Dots

A Q&A panel with the filmmakers will take place after the screening. Connect the Dots are stories that…

Dates & Times


AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Thu, Oct 5
2:00 pm