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Delia & Sammy

Directed by Therese Anne Cayaba

Delia and Sammy have not been good people in the past. Not having children of their own, the couple has been by themselves for the longest time, relying on manipulating neighbors into doing what they want.

Delia was a movie star who always played the villain. She looks and is practically the part. Sammy was a military man and a womanizer. Sammy, who used to be strong and sharp, is now old and frail and is suffering from diabetes, gout, and Alzheimer’s. Delia takes care of Sammy.

One day, Delia finds out she is dying. 

Delia wants to leave Sammy to a nursing home, but decides that it is not a place she wants him in. Delia travels all the way to Ilocos, in their old, beat up Mercedes Benz, in the hopes that Sammy’s only living relative, his brother Manolo, will take him in.

With Sammy’s difficult personality, his illnesses, and bridges they’ve severely burned in the past, coupled with Delia’s temperamental personality, Delia fails to convince the family to forgive and take them in.

Delia decides that the best place for Sammy is where he is going to be loved. Delia tracks down Carmen, Sammy’s past and longest mistress. 

Despite her feelings and re-opened old wounds, Delia believes this is the best for her husband. She makes peace with her decision when she realizes Sammy loves her more than he ever loved Carmen.

Therese Anne Cayaba started as a filmmaker at the Asia Pacific Film Institute in 2005.

After graduation, she moved to Singapore, and worked or PicsTalk and The Shooting Gallery for shows on MTV, Nickelodeon and Mediacorp TV 5. 

Therese came home to the Philippines and went to the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, where her thesis film, Aurora’s Quest,  won Best Thesis Film. 

Her first feature film, Delia and Sammy was part of CineFilipino 2018, and won 3rd Best Feature, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor for her main cast. 

She took on the screenplay for Belle Douleur for Cinemalaya 2019, which was directed by Director Joji Alonso. It won Cinemalaya’s Audience’s Award, and Best Screenplay at the Red Awards in 2021. Therese also wrote for the series, Aswang, which is currently streaming on Netflix. 

She is currently working on her next feature film, 422 Steps. 

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AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Wed, Oct 4
7:00 pm