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The Five Legged Ant

Directed by Lawrence Ramirez

With compelling visuals and moving music, THE FIVE LEGGED ANT expresses a story that embodies the feeling of loneliness, dread, and existentialism—intercut with atmospheric live action and striking animatics.





Lawrence Ramirez is a composer and experimental filmmaker with a creative perspective for visual arts. He has made music for Seth Dacio’s short documentary “Gaming During a Global Pandemic” (2021) and previously directed a short poem film “it’s a slow process” (2021). With both eastern music motifs and western cinematic influences, Lawrence creates unique works of artistic representation of life as they are unveiled on screen. His works evoke a certain emotive and moving fervor that surely leaves an impression to anyone who might come across it.

Plays in

Audience Award Winners: Short Films (Narrative and Documentary)

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Dates & Times


AMC, Otay Ranch Town Center

Tue, Oct 18
6:30 pm

AMC, Otay Ranch Town Center

Fri, Oct 14
1:30 pm