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Directed by Seth Dacio

Inspired by a true story, a 19-year-old young man’s lung spontaneously collapses. We see him physically and mentally struggle throughout his physical healing process and his mental perspective of the situation during a global pandemic.




Seth Dacio, a Filipino American, started as a background actor at a young age on well-known TV shows such as “Lie to Me,” “Bones,” and “The Cleaners.” Over the years, he moved away from the acting aspect of filmmaking and moved towards creating his films. He always remains persistent in creating the best possible creative projects with over eight years of experience as a working filmmaker and four years as an FAA Certified Remote Pilot.

Seth has industry experience working as an intern at Eugene Scott Productions, Inc, where he was a drone pilot on a feature film, worked on a reality tv show pilot, industrial videos, and an assistant editor for several commercials corporate videos. He has experience working on sets, from sets with a large crew such as “Alpha Wolf,” directed by Kevin VanHook, one of the original comic-book co-writers of the recent blockbuster film, “Bloodshot.” Seth also has been working with upcoming directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers from schools such as UCLA, LMU, and Chapman University. Seth also has a variety of experience in creating promotional and informational videos from his experience working as an intern at Poway Unified School District and recent experience working at the AVID Center as a Video Editor and an App company called Dipster LLC as a Content Creator. He graduated from Biola University in 2022, studying Film Production. Variety ranks Biola University as one of the Top 50 film schools in the world.

Plays in

Shorts Program III: Finding Elsewhere

A Q&A panel with the filmmakers will take place after the screening. Finding Elsewhere is a compilation of…

Dates & Times


AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Thu, Oct 5
11:30 am