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Extended Screening: The Fabulous Filipino Brothers

  • 60 mins

Four vignettes follow one four brothers while their Fil-Am family prepares for the ultimate Filipino event, a wedding. A blue collar family, they share the same house save one, the Golden Child. The Eldest Brother must secure his pride and position in the family by paying for the wedding, This leads him to revisiting his old life as a hustler to make ends meet. The Golden Child is stuck in The Philippines the day before the wedding, and meets a lover from the past.The Youngest and most single connects with a new love…who may be his cousin The Middle Brother breaks out of a deep depression following the loss of a child using a dating app for the first time.

Dante Basco is an actor, producer, director, author, and activist with over 30 years in entertainment.  Landing his first big role at 16 as RUFIO in HOOK his career as an actor has flourished with other memorable roles like PRINCE ZUKO from AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER. This is his fifth film as a producer and his debut as a director.

In this program

The Fabulous Filipino Brothers

Directed by Dante Basco

Filmmaker Dante Basco and the rest of the Basco brothers cast members will be present during the Q&A…