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Love By The Second

Directed by Mevin Capistrano

In his universe, Quinn and Daisy were together. Until they weren’t. Quinn travels to another universe and meets another Daisy, who has no idea who he is. He tries to convince her they were meant to be: showing her the good memories of his old Daisy and their time together. Daisy asks to see everything which triggers the memories Quinn chose to forget. In the end, Daisy chooses to reject Quinn: that things ended for a reason, and nothing can change that. Quinn decides that if this Daisy won’t be with him, there’s another Daisy that will. He goes back to a different universe to try again.

Mevin Capistrano is an emerging filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. His passion is in film directing and screenwriting. He has experience working in short narrative film, music videos, experimental films, and documentaries as a director, editor, cinematographer, and writer. His work takes inspiration from art, music, film, history, and literature. He wrote and directed a multiverse romance short film, Love by the Second, premiering in 2022 and a dystopian samurai short film, Albatross, currently in post-production. Mevin incorporates his life experiences into his stories, giving his characters a personal and relatable feel. His dream is to direct a feature film and is currently writing a feature length script based on his short film, Albatross.



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AMC, Otay Ranch Town Center

Sat, Oct 15
4:30 pm