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Who To Love

Directed by Rommel Andaya

In the near future, a couple goes on another date to see if they are right for each…

Days of the New

Directed by Keith Deligero

Two cops, an artist, a series of murders and some weird shit. Welcome to the new world after…

Take Care

Directed by Darren Keilan

Matt, a young man desperate for money, begins his first day as a caregiver to a woman named…


Directed by Andrew Yi

A man named Michael lives his ordinary life until he gets an unexpected visitor for breakfast. It’s Death….

Velvet Sky

Directed by Charles Jon Gray

After winning the grand jury prize at a local film festival and receiving an offer to make his…

Love By The Second

Directed by Mevin Capistrano

In his universe, Quinn and Daisy were together. Until they weren’t. Quinn travels to another universe and meets…

Move That Body

Directed by Rommel Andaya

Mark and his friends must decide what to do with a dead body. Their friendships are tested when…

Dates & Times


AMC, Otay Ranch Town Center

Sat, Oct 15
4:30 pm