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Shorts Program I: Divergent Tales

  • 97.68 mins

A Q&A panel with the filmmakers will take place after the screening.

Shorts Program I – Divergent Tales takes us on a journey of personal grief, rebellion, healing, and ultimately, forgiveness. Explore with us these divergent tales into the voyage of self discovery.

In this program

Your blue heart

Directed by Don Castro

Queens, New York, circa 2000. It’s just another day for Lito (40+), cooking breakfast in his kitchen. However,…


Directed by Kevin Pison Piamonte

Ron wakes up in a strange world. He realizes he cannot anymore remember his name. In a daze…


Directed by Earl Paus

After a drug induced hook-up and near death experience, Gabriel, a queer melancholy musician, receives unsettling visions from…

A Confessional

Directed by Jessica Schlimmer

After losing her eldest daughter, Maria Cordero struggles between her guilt and faith as she attends Mass a…

Dignidad (Dignity)

Directed by Noah Del Rosario

In a future Philippines where assisted suicide has become a service available to the public, Mariel experiences her…

Salog Ning Diklom (Black River)

Directed by Jordan dela Cruz

Simon, a traumatized fisherman and absentee father, struggles to forget his past by drowning himself in cheap gin….

Dates & Times


AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Wed, Oct 4
2:00 pm