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Shorts Program V: Larger Than Life

  • 94.09 mins

A Q&A panel with the filmmakers will take place after the screening.

Larger Than Life sheds light on films that showcase stories that address current world issues from different perspectives of all walks of life.

In this program

Balancing Sacrifice

Directed by Rommel Andaya

  Captain Lynn Hernandez of the US Army has just come off deployment 3 months ago and his…

Next of Kin

Directed by Timothy Guion Smith

Stigma remains an ongoing issue for a Filipina former actor living with HIV alongside her gay son who…


Directed by Darlene Dy

Virtual Reality is taking over the internet but what if it reaches the dark side of social media?…

Nang Em •77

Directed by Maria S. Ranillo

Nang Em •77 witnesses how an 85-year-old woman tries to survive along through the quarantine. While she sometimes…


Directed by Claro de los Reyes

A paranoid journalist struggles under pressure to write his next story but a questionable presence lures him to…

Brand X

Directed by Keith Deligero

A bottle of shampoo dreams to be purchased by humans and live in a utopia known as Atlas….

Luzonensis Osteoporosis

Directed by Glenn Barit

Luzonensis is a prehistoric hominid who is about to leave overseas to be a migrant worker. Hours before…

Killing Myself

EVE, a Filipino-American teenage girl, writes a suicide note and leaves the house to get cigarettes for one…

Dates & Times


AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Thu, Oct 5
4:30 pm