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Shorts Program VII: DIASPORA

  • 97.68 mins

A Q&A panel with the filmmakers will take place after the screening.

DIASPORA delves into complex stories of individuals navigating the unknown outside of their comfort zones and far from their ancestral homelands.

In this program

Apartment 605

Directed by Bianca Catbagan

Mika packs up their late father’s apartment when they are interrupted by a stranger at the door. Over…

The Reliever

Directed by Allan Ibanez, Dexter Hemedez

A young Filipino-American son is forced to look after an old, grumpy, bed-ridden patient after his undocumented father…

A Karaoke Space Odyssey

Directed by Achim Mendoza

In this sci-fi rom-com karaoke musical, Stella, an undocumented Filipino once known as her town’s karaoke queen, goes…

Little Manila

Directed by Arthur Rodger 'Harley' Maranan

A Vancouver-based travel agent tries to recreate her ailing Filipino housemaid’s childhood home before she dies. Little Manila…

The Roaring of the Carabao

Directed by Angeline Marie Michael Meitzler

Born in the United States, a daughter visits the Philippines for the first time. On the night of…


Directed by Erica Olavario

“Ugnayan” intimately explores an immigrant’s journey from the Philippines to Canada, challenging conventional narratives. Emotionally charged, the film…


Directed by Rebecca Rajadnya

A Filipina immigrant grapples with the physical distance from the family she left behind and the cultural disconnect…

Dates & Times


AMC Plaza Bonita 14

Fri, Oct 6
2:30 pm