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21st and Colonial

Directed by Angelo Reyes

Inspired by a true story, two men with seemingly different lives meet during a banking transaction gone wrong that will alter both lives forever. Omar is a young Black man trying to support his family and his newly pregnant girlfriend. He’s looking for a quick fix to turn his life around before his responsibilities increase so he forges and cashes an allegedly stolen check. Carlos is an overworked and troubled police officer with a dark past weighing him down. His own home life is stressful, and he takes his badge very seriously, perhaps too seriously. By the end, the film reveals that Omar and Carlos really aren’t that different. Both are victims of an unjust society that needs fixing.

Angelo Reyes was born in a biracial household. His father is from Angono Rizal, the Art Capital of the Philippines, and his mother hailed from Naples, Italy.

Angelo went to LS Acting Studio in NYC to study under the astute guidance of Lynette Sheldon, the internationally acclaimed acting teacher. Angelo worked in numerous television shows and films and gained critical industry skills.

He has spent the last couple years developing multiple human impact stories that ignite emotion and awareness with consciousness around inclusion and diversity.

Angelo developed his passion to write stories that were relatable and was able to portray characters based on real life and tying in his Filipino culture.

He has earned numerous awards for his acting and short films including the Rising Star Award with the Westfield International Film Festival, won the REMI Award at the 54th Worldfest International Film Festival, just to name a few.

Plays in

Shorts Program II: Larger than Life

Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening Moderator: Justin Ricafort