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Pamatpak (Spank Stick)

Directed by Lexian Losley Aragones Avestruz

A working mom is trying to find time to spend with her only son, but she isn’t able to connect. On the other hand, her dad whom she had corporal punishment is the one now giving all the attention the boy seeks from her. When asked why does he love his grandpa so much, the boy simply said “because he doesn’t spank me.”

I’m a video editor by profession now. For the past years, I experienced physical challenges such as limited mobility, which forced me to work from home and focus on video editing as my way to provide for my family. I’ve always wanted to tell stories through motion pictures, so whenever I have the opportunity to film the stories I’ve penned, I give it all my heart and let the stars and internet do their thing.

Plays in

Shorts Program IV: Scenes from Home

Q&A with the filmmaker after the screening Moderator: Justin Ricafort