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Shorts Program IV: Scenes from Home

Q&A with the filmmaker after the screening

Moderator: Justin Ricafort



In this program

Pamatpak (Spank Stick)

Directed by Lexian Losley Aragones Avestruz

A working mom is trying to find time to spend with her only son, but she isn’t able…

Judy Free

Directed by Cheryl Tagyamon

Judy’s Father, a Filipino migrant worker, suddenly comes back as an animated figure after years of being away…

The Gray

Directed by Myra Aquino

Perez is a former cop who has been judged to be morally “gray”— someone who is neither good…


Directed by Keone and Mari Madrid

Arturo Madrid, a 76 year old Filipino-American man, reminisces on the hardships, wonders and reality of migrating from…

Margarita Island

Directed by Marion Aguas

A metaphor for diaspora: a Filipinx girl takes a trip to Coney Island and discovers icons of her…


Directed by Nolan Valerio

Novena explores the lives of a Filipino-American family in a crisis of faith during the final days of…

Roots and Wings

Directed by Irene Yadao, Lisa Yadao, Michelle Sampior

Roots & Wings is a micro-doc series that highlights innovative, culture-bridging WOC chefs who use food as a…

The Final Piece

Directed by Rommel Andaya

Tala is a second-generation Filipina-American teenager who is eager to start her journey away from home after being…