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Directed by Drew Stephens

When a moderate earthquake scares his children, Rey comforts them by telling the Singkil folk tale from the Philippines. But it soon becomes apparent that his little boy would much rather play the role of the princess than the warrior prince. Rey’s buddies immediately confront him to “straighten out” his boy and make him act “like a man.” But Rey wonders does his boy really want to be a girl? And what does that really mean?

Writer/Director Drew Stephens has collaborated on many dozens of film projects that have screened around the world, including the award-winning short films “Prinsesa,” “VDA: Tape 96” and “Bound 4 Heaven.” Drew was a TV & Radio presenter in Thailand and was the original TV host for Electric City LGBT TV in San Francisco. For the past decade, Drew has also been conducting workshops to encourage aspiring filmmakers to create their own independent films. Drew’s filmography is available on IMDB and at

Plays in

Shorts Program III: Outside the Box

Q&A Moderator: Leah Lombos