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Directed by Mick Quito

Fernando is an ex-convict and has been in jail for more than two decades for a terrible crime he committed out of revenge. When he was prison, his wife passed away, he lost contact with his friends, and his son barely visits him. As soon as he served his time, he looks forward in joining his son’s family and being part of their lives. Unfortunately, his relationship his son has never prospered, and he feels alienated with his new family. Although he is now free, he feels just as isolated and lonely as he was in prison. The family is still figuring out what to do with him as he struggles to reconnect his relationship with them.

As a third generation Filipino American, Mick Quito grew up in Guam making friends from different cultures – Palauan, Chuukese, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Nederlanders, Sinhalese, and other Asian Americans. These were friends along with learning about American history and experiencing pop culture were a large part of his childhood and identity growing up. So when he returned to the Philippines, it was a life-changing culture shock filled with confusion and uncertainty about who he is as a Filipino. Pursuing a career in writing and directing has helped bring more awareness about the struggle of finding your place in life and dealing with difficult situations. Through stories about experience, discrimination, and love, he wants to show audiences around the world how important it is to recognize these issues and to be part of making a change. His long term goal is to create a feature film story that reflects about his family experience as an OFW and Filipino American.

Plays in

Shorts Program III: Outside the Box

Q&A Moderator: Leah Lombos