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Fruit Fly

Directed by Kaitlyn Fae

Twelve-year-old Jules develops a penchant for falling in love with gay boys after her boyfriend leaves her for another girl. Unsurprisingly, middle school, high school, and college see Jules colliding from one friendzone disaster to the next. Things change, however, when Xander, the star actor of McKellan Performing Arts School and Jules’s latest crush, falls hard for the new transfer student, Riley Sakamoto. Jules ends up playing wingwoman for Xander, only to find out Riley’s fallen for *her*. Hilarity ensues for all three against a backdrop of drunken college antics and McKellan’s latest bizarre production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Kaitlyn Fae is a Filipinx-American writer, filmmaker, actor, musician, and host. She is the head writer at Kwento Comics, an all Asian, all women-led media group that will be releasing a dark fantasy graphic novel series based on Philippine mythology, The Mask of Haliya, in 2022. She is also the Director of Writing at Filam Creative, and a former co-host and creative director of the nerd video podcast, PanGeekery. Kaitlyn’s next directorial projects are an indie film she wrote, called One Pine, as well as a film by Arianna Villareal, Maestro.

Plays in

Shorts Program I: Connect the Dots

Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening Moderator: Trixi Agiao